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State institution of culture "Musical theater "Rada" is a magnificent combination of high professionalism and bright cheerful optimism.

State institution of culture "Musical theater "Rada"" was established in 2008 by the decision of Grodno city Executive Committee. And already the first youth gypsy vocal-choreographic programme called "Gine Roma" has won recognition from a large audience.

Such actors as Kimketova Oksana (ballet master-director), Vansovich Artur (actor-vocalist-soloist), Suvorkin Igor (artistic director), Alferovich Tatyana (actor-vocalist-soloist), Pukhov Oleg (the sound producer, the actor of orchestra, the actor-vocalist) stood at the origins of creation of theater.

Ljubo brothers!

Artistic Director of the group – Ruslan Milay. Actor, Director, the head of the troupe.