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The State Institution of Culture "Musical Theater "Rada" is a magnificent combination of high professionalism and bright cheerful optimism.

The State Institution of Culture "Musical theater "Rada"" was established in 2008 by the decision of Grodno Executive Committee. And the first youth gypsy vocal-choreographic program known as GINE ROMA has already won the recognition by a large audience.

Such actors as Kimketova Oksana (staging choreographer), Vansovich Artur (artiste-vocalist-soloist), Suvorkin Igor (artistic director), Alferovich Tatyana (artiste-vocalist-soloist), Pukhov Oleg (sound producer, orchestra artiste, artiste -vocalist) founded the theater.


Artistic Director 

The troupe is headed Director Milay Ruslan. He graduated the Belarusian State Academy of Music and studied at the Graduate School at BSAM. He works in all theater programs as an artist and musician. Each note of any of the theater works was cut by the skill of this accordionist. As the director of the troupe, Ruslan Vladimirovich cherishes the collective carefully but strictly and fairly.


The staging choreographer of "Musical theater "Rada" is Oksana Aleksandrovna Kimketova, a graduate of the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. Her original creative productions are the visiting card of the theatre. The different by themes and colour the show programs "Guinea Roma", "Cossacks", "Bratsitky", "The Bonfires of the Gypsy Soul" have already received public recognition, both in Belarus and abroad.

The choreography for the new program "BELARUS" set by Oksana Kimketova for the anniversary of the theater founding is the virtuoso symbiosis of traditional Belarusian, Old Slavonic and modern trends in music such as jazz, rock, variety and much more.

As a choreographer and stage director Oksana Alexandrovna collaborated with the Belarusian State Academic Music Theater in Minsk in the play "The Gypsy Baron" by J. Strauss and F. Lowe's musical "My Fair Lady", which was awarded the National Theater Award in the nomination "The Best Musical Performance of the Year" in 2016.

In 2015, she was awarded with the Breastplate of the Ministry of Culture "For a Contribution to the Development of Culture of Belarus".

Show programs

Show program "The Bonfires of the Gypsy Soul"
Show program "Bratsitky"
Show program "Cossacks"
Show program "New and better"
Show program "Guinea Roma"