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Show program «Gine Roma»

Program "GINE ROMA" translated into Russian language means "let's Go, Gypsy." This is a great combination of high professionalism and bright cheerful optimism. The program is based on Gypsy folklore of the peoples of Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Spain. Most popular Gypsy songs "Kai on barge", "Shatritsa", "Vanyonok", the most beautiful Russian ancient romances "And Finally I Will Tell", " Black Eyes ", "Shaggy Bumblebee" and the most incendiary dancing numbers - all this the Gipsy song and dancing program "GINE ROMA" group "Rada".

Show program «Cossacks»

Vocal-choreographic show the "Cossacks" program is prepared on the basis of folklore of the people of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. From the middle of the 15th century on our lands it is mentioned the Belarusian Cossacks. The most popular songs "Varenka", "At Safon in a Kitchen Garden", "Path-track", "Chernomorets" and incendiary dancing numbers – all this the song-dancing "Cossacks" program of the Rada group.

Show program «New and the best».

The Universe of dance and songs is huge and immeasurable. Their incalculable set. But it was folk dance and folk song are the ancestor of all the others. Folk art is a national songs and dances, which are performed in their natural environment and have some traditional to the area of movement, rhythms, costumes and the like. Folk dance and song is a natural expression of feelings, moods, emotions, runs first for himself and then for the viewer. It's safe to say that this is the most common type of folk art. There is no nationality, however small it may be, which would have its own dance and vocal culture. Dances and songs of various nationalities arose from the national playings and entertainments connected with religious practices and family holidays. Certainly, the dancing vocal art of some countries won the whole world. It is unlikely there will be an indifferent viewer of the Russian, Belarusian and Cossack national dances and songs. And the concert program "New and the Best" it is very bright and original opens a charm of vocal and choreographic folk art of Russian, Belarusian and Cossack folklore. The artists of "Musical theater "Rada"" executing this program will please the viewer with variety of a ringing of voices, a variety of colors of suits and a variety of dances.

Show program "The Fires of Gypsy soul".

On the roads of the world, where the land is good Travel about in the tent, from night to morning Singing Gypsies in joy, in trouble Songs about freedom, songs about the soul...

In the new program "the Fires of the Gypsy soul" is not just a love story, the freedom-loving Gypsy, she is filled with subtle philosophical meaning about the soul and eternity. Every scene is filled with a special concert of thought and feeling. The artists invite the viewer to feel the atmosphere of looseness and freedom, to feel the special magic of dizzying dancing and singing, it makes so much Gypsy power and free soul.

 —Where are the Gypsies?

 —At the end of the worldWhy.


 —To reach and return...