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About us

 "The musical theater "Rada"" was created quite recently. However already the first youth Gipsy vocal and choreographic program under the name "GINE ROMA" won recognition at numerous public.

 The ballet master-director of "Musical theater "Rada"" Oksana Kimketova the graduate of the Leningrad Higher school of choreography, undoubtedly, has uncommon talent and holds huge authority among choreographers of Republic of Belarus.

 Soloists of "Musical theater "Rada"" are winners of the most prestigious competition of young performers of the Russian romance "Romansiada" which is annually carried out in Moscow. Honored performers of the romance were a part of jury: Galina Preobrazhenskaya, the Honoured actress of Russia Alla Bayanova, and the People's artist of the USSR Nikolay Slichenko noted talent of vocalists and hotly thanked for what the theater propagandizes national culture at the highest professional level.

 Having been highly appreciated by the talent and professional skill, the theater under control of Sergey Bochkov conducts vigorous concert activity:

  • The palace of the Republic (Minsk, Belarus) – a joint concert with Leonid Agutin in the show "Miracle Belarus" (more than 2.500 viewers);
  • The palace of the Republic (Minsk, Belarus) – a concert to the 65 anniversary of liberation of Belarus (more than 2.500 viewers);
  • The concert hall "Minsk" (Minsk, Belarus) – 2 solo concerts of "Gine Roma" (more than 1.300 viewers);
  • An Independence Day – a concert on the main square of Grodno, Tizengauz Square (38.000 viewers);
  • The international festival "Peretocze 2006" and "Peretocze 2007" in Belovezha, the Republic of Poland;
  • The international festival "Oktawa kultur 2008" to Bialystok, the Republic of Poland;
  • The international festival "Atvaziuoja zolynaj 2009" in the city of Alytus and Vilnius, the Republic Lithuania;
  • A conference of bank workers in the cultural and improving center of National bank of Republic of Belarus "Ozerny", the Grodno region;
  • A concert at the eighth meeting of Council of business cooperation of Belarus and Moscow;
  • A concert within the project of TV channel ONT "Ms. Interkontinental of 2009" in "Garadzenski mayontak of Karobchytsa".

"The musical theater "Rada"" took part in the project of TV channel of "Ladas" – "All dance", in the BT joint project and broadcasting company "Grodno" under the name "Second Homeland", a TV show of Superloto.

Artists of "Musical theater "Rada"" worked solo concerts in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Mazyr, Grodno and other cities.

Structure of "Musical theater "Rada"":

  • Milay Ruslan - artistic director, accordeon, artist of orchestra
  • Katsubo Elena - chief manager
  • Zayats Anna - administrator
  • Kimketova Oksana – ballet master-director
  • Pukhov Oleg - sound producer, artist-vocalist
  • Doktorov Andrei - artist-vocalist
  • Filippovich Elena – artist-vocalist
  • Bondar Radmila – artist-vokalist
  • Pavlovskaya Yulia – percussive, artist of orchestra
  • Sevko Pavel - bass guitar, artist of orchestra
  • Siadzelnik Mikhail - guitar, artist of orchestra
  • Sakovich Andrei -  violin, artist of orchestra
  • Borbotko Yury – ballet dancer
  • Divnel Ivan – ballet dancer
  • Aleynikova Anastasia – ballet dancer
  • Kastusik Andrey – ballet dancer
  • Gudinovich Evgeny – ballet dancer
  • Yasyukevich Stepan – ballet dancer
  • Hantsevich Igor – ballet dancer
  • Ermolik Valery – ballet dancer
  • Gotovtchits Yana – ballet dancer
  • Tolkun Ekaterina – ballet dancer
  • Burayeva Irina – ballet dancer
  • Omelyanovich Veronika – ballet dancer
  • Polovinchikova Anastasia – ballet dancer
  • Yakovchits Elena – ballet dancer
  • Zhuchenko Natalya – ballet dancer
  • Kuratnik Yulia – ballet dancer
  • Tsidik Anastasia – ballet dancer
  • Tsilyulko Yury – ballet dancer
  • Hurshudyan Valery - manager of a scene

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